Our Services

Camera Inspection and Analysis

As a consumer, the most difficult part of sewer line maintenance is deciding what needs fixing when. Unfortunately, you rarely realize that you even have a problem until it is too late; a backup occurs and you suffer the expense of a unit cleanup and repair, as well as a sewer line repair. Our Camera Inspection and Analysis package offers an opportunity to go underground and document the current state of your sewer infrastructure. We can look at several individual lateral lines that may have been experiencing problems and determine if there is a pattern of deterioration. We can also do a complete site analysis and examine every lateral line, helping you prioritize maintenance or repairs to fit your budgets. You will receive a complete video record with narration documenting your existing infrastructure, along with a written report and recommendations to assist you in avoiding future backups. If your property is over 25 years old and you have experienced sewer problems, this is the first step to take to build a responsible multiyear maintenance and replacement plan. Call us for a consultation 571-203-0500.

Jetting and Cleaning

Lateral sewer lines should be cleaned out every 3 to 5 years, depending on the number of units utilizing a single line, and the volume of material washed down the line each year. Buildup of grease and non-biodegradable matter contribute significantly to line blockages, backups, reduced flow rate, and sewer odor. Lateral Liners, LLC. will provide a complete jetting and cleaning of all your lines to maintain optimal flow and operation. This includes a high pressure washing of the lines as well as cutting out any root intrusion which may have incurred. Our clients often combine this service with the Camera Inspection and Analysis package as part of a complete sewer line maintenance and repair planning tool. Call us for a consultation 571-203-0500.

Lateral Line Relining

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) relining technology is a safe, cost effective and reliable way to repair lateral sewer lines without extensive digging and ground repair. Lateral Liners, LLC. will work with you to repair one problem line, or reline your whole property. We specialize in working with home owner associations and property managers to create custom programs specifically to meet the unique needs of your property and budget. All jobs are overseen by our Master Plumber, and we have a Class A Contractors License, which means that we are able to handle all unusual repair and installation issues which inevitably occur once a job has begun. We schedule our site work between the hours of 9am to 5pmin order to minimize disruption to your residents, and have the lines back in service the same day. A complete lateral line package would include the camera and analysis work, the jetting and cleaning of the line, and the actual relining of the lateral. Before and after videos would be provided so that you can see the result of the repair. Multiline and multiyear contracts are available at a discount. Call us for a consultation 571-203-0500

Installation of Cleanouts

Many older residences do not have a cleanout, or access pipe installed outside of the residence for sewer maintenance and repair, necessitating entrance into the residence when ever work on the line needs to be done. Typically, installing cleanouts would be the initial step in upgrading and maintaining your aging sewer infrastructure. Lateral Liners, LLC has developed a low impact technique for installing cleanouts using HydroVac technology  that allows us to vacuum out the dirt, creating a single hole 2 feet wide down to the lateral line. We attach a PVC plumbing fitting called a JED saddle onto the lateral line and insert a vertical access pipe to create the cleanout. Then, we backfill with stone for stability and cap the cleanout a few inches above ground level. The process is quick, clean and cost effective, with no backhoes or piles of dirt. We can reline your lateral line directly from this cleanout if the line requires such repair. Call us for a consultation 571-203-0500.