Lateral Liners specializes in working with property managers and home owner associations to handle emergency sewer line repairs, as well as to develop prevention programs to identify, analyze, prioritize and repair the lateral sewer line problems in your community before the backups become severe.

All communities begin experiencing sewer line problems after 15 years, due to the natural movement of the earth, tree root intrusion, or erosion. After 25 years, material degradation often accelerates the deterioration of your lateral sewer line, resulting in joint separation or cracks in the pipe. Sometime after 40 to 50 years, your community sewer system has “expired”, or reached the end of its design lifespan. At this point, you can expect regular sewage backups into your lower residential units, collapsed pipelines, sinkholes, and raw sewage “wet spots” beginning to appear on your property.

As you might imagine, trying to repair or replace your entire sewer system at one time can be extremely disruptive to your residents, as well as prohibitively expensive. Doing nothing is not an option, as recurring sewer backups will diminish the value and desirability of your property, as well as significantly increase your insurance premiums and unit rehabilitation costs. With our no-dig philosophy and trenchless technology process, Lateral Liners can implement a multiyear program that can rehabilitate your entire lateral sewer line system with a pipeline that will last for 50 more years.