How we are saving the environment

The obvious answer is that by not digging to repair sewer lines, we avoid removing all the trees, bushes and plants whose roots are instrumental in causing the deterioration of your Lateral Line. Your local environment remains as green as it was before we arrived to fix your problems.

However, there is a bigger issue that we are working to correct, a problem that affects all of us who enjoy the fresh water and natural beauty of our rivers, bays and oceans. It’s a problem called Sanitary Sewer Overflow.

The average person uses over 120 gallons of water per day as they go about their usual tasks such as washing cloths, bathing, rinsing dishes and using the bathroom. Municipal sewer treatment plants are built to handle this flow, and do so efficiently and effectively based on population growth plans. However, cracked and damaged lateral sewer lines allow an unplanned variable to enter into the equation: excess groundwater. In a problem referred to as Inflow and Infiltration, or I/I, excess groundwater enters the sewer system through damaged pipes and flows to the sewer treatment plant, dramatically increasing the volume of waste water to be treated. During times of heavy rainfall or snowmelt, the volume of sewage and water often exceeds the capacity of the plant to treat it, resulting in raw sewage being flushed directly into our rivers and bays.

Over the past decade, this problem has become so severe that the EPA has stepped in and issued a number of mandates requiring cities to repair and maintain their sewer systems, and put an end to the sanitary sewer overflow problem. Many municipalities have embarked on huge programs to reline or replace the sewer mainlines, often using technology similar to that used by Lateral Liners, LLC However, the lateral line, the line connecting your residence to the mainline sewer, is not owned by the city. It is owned by the homeowner, or the homeowner association. Studies estimate that as much as 60% of groundwater inflow and infiltration into the sewer system comes from cracked or faulty lateral lines. So the problem causing sewer overflow into our rivers and bays won’t go away until we all address it, repairing and relining each lateral sewer line as they age.

So now you know the significance of our motto: “Saving the Environment One Sewer Line At A Time”. We take our mission seriously, continuously improving our trenchless technology techniques to minimize the disruption to your local environment, experimenting with our process and materials to produce the best repair possible with the least amount of waste, and creating programs to make it affordable for home owner associations to address this problem responsibly. Lateral Liners looks forward to working with you as we clean up our waters together.