The Benefits

No Backhoes or Dump Trucks

Lateral Liners is constantly working to reach the ultimate goal of trenchless technology: absolutely no digging! Unfortunately, most of our work is located underground so there will always be some digging required to get to your pipelines. Our job is to minimize the amount of digging and damage that is done to repair or replace your lateral sewer line.

By using the cured-in-place pipe relining method, Lateral Liners LLC. has eliminated the 50 to 100 foot long trench 12 to 15 feet deep typically dug by a backhoe to reach the existing lateral sewer line. We rarely use a backhoe at all. Lateral Liners has developed a method of hydro-excavating the dirt to create a hole 2 feet wide all the way down to the pipeline. The dirt is sucked directly into the truck, eliminating unsightly dirt piles, excess landscape damage, and additional dump truck traffic. We then drill a hole in the lateral pipe and install a cleanout, giving us an access point to shoot a new pipe liner.   In situations where the lateral line requires a new coupling or section repair before relining , we will dig a single 5 foot wide by 8 foot long hole to meet the pipeline, effect the site repair, and insert a new liner at that point.

No Damage To Sidewalks, Driveways, Streets or Parking Lots

Lateral sewer lines connect the individual home, townhouse, condominium or apartment to the main sewer line, allowing the wastewater from each residence to flow to the sewer treatment plant.  The average lateral line is 75 feet long, and often connects to the main sewer line in the middle of the street. That means it is running under walkways, curbs driveways and parking lots to make the final connection. Rebuilding and repaving these structures is often the single biggest expense incurred in residential pipeline repair, along with the weeks of inconvenience incurred by your residents as these repairs are made. Lateral Liners pipe relining technology builds a pipe within a pipe without any significant digging, consequently we rarely disrupt any of these structures. The cost savings to your road and ground repair budgets alone can often justify the repair of additional lateral lines.

No Removal of Your Favorite Trees or Bushes

Have you ever seen an oak tree after 50 years in someone’s front yard? Or looked at a 35 year old maple tree ablaze with color in the fall, or maybe a 20 year old azalea bursting with blossoms in the spring? Those aren’t just plants, they are landmarks, and part of the reason people pick that particular neighborhood to live in. Unfortunately, they are often part of the problem with deteriorating sewer lines. Tree and plant roots are among the most destructive elements invading the lateral sewer line, causing blockages and breaks. In the standard dig and replace method, those trees and bushes have to come down, causing a loss that can never be replaced. At Lateral Liners, our motto is “Saving The Environment One Sewer Line At A Time”, and that includes your neighborhood, too. While we do have to cut the roots that have invaded the pipeline, this usually does not cause any damage to the tree or shrub. Because we are working within the existing pipeline and not digging any trenches, we can make the repair without disturbing the tree. Since the newly relined pipe has no joints and is impervious to root penetration, your sewer line is safe from any further root attacks, and your tree can live on for another 50 years! We have also found that our technology has created considerable savings in Landscape Maintenance and Ground Repair budgets, freeing up funds for additional lateral line repairs.

Residents Back in Service The Same Day

Residents pay good money to own, rent or lease their homes, an oasis of safety, security and relaxation after a long day. Invading your space with heavy equipment, noise and parking disruptions for days on end is not the Lateral Liners way. We like to go home to peace and quiet too!  A broken or backed up sewer line is no fun for anyone, and needs to be attended to as soon as possible. But the repair does not have to take days. At Lateral Liners, we install a new liner for your lateral sewer line in 1 day or less. Traditional dig and replace methods often take 2-3 days to finish the job. It has been our experience that the only thing more alarming to a resident then not being able to run their water for a day is not being able to flush for 2 days!

No Damage To Your Budget

Everyone appreciates a break (although certainly not in your sewer pipe!) and Lateral Liners is pleased to be able to offer you one. A sewer line backup is an expensive proposition, starting with the cleanup and repair of the unit affected, scheduling the typical emergency repair contractors to dig and replace the pipeline, and finally landscape and grounds repair, parking lot patching and debris removal. Only to have to repeat the process next month when the same thing happens to the residence around the corner. If one sewer line fails, and your neighborhood is over 25 years old,  then they are all beginning to fail. Lateral Liners, LLC can develop a program to analyze and assess the state of your infrastructure, and build a repair and replacement plan that suits your budget and schedule. Because we use fewer pieces of heavy equipment, tear up less ground, and take less time to repair your lateral sewer line, our costs are less, and we can share those savings with you. We understand homeowner association and property manager budgets, and we know how to work with them to your benefit.