About Our Business

Jed Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a plumbing contractor that has been in business since 1949. Mr. Robert DiPalma worked for Jed Mechanical as a Master Plumber for several years, until an opportunity to buy the company presented itself. In 1987, Mr. DiPalma became the owner and operator of a growing enterprise, which has since become a very diverse company which includes Lateral Liners, LLC Real Estate Holdings in BLSH Enterprises, Inc. and JED Saddle, LLC., in the Washington DC metropolitan area. In January 2009, he further expanded his enterprise with Hot Water Products, LLC. Since then he has entered into a distributorship agreement with KenmoreĆĄ water heaters and water treatment products. The distributorship with Sears Commercial and the Kenmore brand brings Kenmore Water Heaters in to the wholesale marketplace.

As a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter in Virginia, Maryland, WSSC, and Delaware, Mr. DiPalma has grown his company into a very diverse enterprise. The Company specializes in upgrading or service of residential or commercial plumbing and gas needs, replacing household water treatment or gas appliances and Tankless Water Heater Installation Services. We also specialize in replacing lateral sewer lines with Trenchless Technology ( CIPP ), to your front door with only a fraction of time and money spent! His expertise and continuing growth of smart business show promise of more great years to come.

Mr. DiPalma first got involved with CIPP Lining (cured-in-place pipe) sewer lining for lateral lines in 2001, in an effort to find a better way to repair deteriorating sewer lines without having to dig up the grounds, parking lots and sidewalks surrounding each project. As Jed Mechanical Contractors, Mr. DiPalma secured several significant pipe lining contracts working on Historic District properties designated as Virginia Landmarks and listed in the National Registry, sub-contracting with main line contractors to install cleanouts and lateral liners. It was while working on these projects that Mr. DiPalma perfected his Truly Trenchless technique of lining a sewer lateral through a clean-out, with absolutely no digging or trenching whatsoever. As word got out about the quality and expertise of this work, demand grew and Mr. DiPalma determined that a new business opportunity was presenting itself. Lateral Liners, LLC. was created to focus on developing opportunities for and refining the process of installing cured-in-place pipe for lateral lines, with Mr. DiPalma as owner and president.

Lateral Liners, LLC. & Jed Mechanical have since rehabilitated over 1,000,000 feet of lateral sewer lines, focusing primarily on private market residential and commercial opportunities. While building a program focused on customer service, continuous process improvement and product development, Mr. DiPalma has developed several new products and techniques to reduce the time it takes to install a cured-in-place pipe, as well as significantly increasing the rate of successful installations.

After working with several manufacturers in the industry, Lateral Liners, LLC., began working with multiple suppliers for CIPP material and equipment. The products abilities and Lateral Liners unique installation process created the need for additional manufacturing, distributing, and training programs in this new ground breaking industry. JED SADDLE, LLC. was created to manufacture and distribute JED SADDLE PVC fittings. Through trial and error Mr. DiPalma created a PVC plumbing saddle fitting that has many uses including trenchless technology. JED SADDLE is a PVC fitting that can be used for many plumbing system applications including: as a new connection to sewers, clean out fittings inside or outside a building or home, or as a sewer tap plumbing fitting.